Saturday, November 14, 2009

Message from Ann Brentwood

Dear SNAP associates, As of November 9, I am officially resigned, retired, and only minimally available to the SNAP organization. I am presently hospitalized, paralyzed from the waist down, will not be returning to my home, and will not be answering any phone calls made to my home telephone number. All commitments that I have made to meet with the district attorney's in North Carolina, and elsewhere, do press conferences in Louisville, Memphis, Savannah and other places are here by voided. The people involved, as in district attorneys, press people, and significant participants need to be notified of this information by the specific parties involved other than myself. I have extended my cell phone minutes so that I may be contacted by cell phone, but this should be used for limited important issues only. Needless to say, I am involved in many medical procedures and may not be able to return calls in a timely manner. My present predicted life expectancy is two months, possibly six weeks. Therefore, any commitments made past that time are for sure null and void. In other words, gang, you are on your own. Many of you who were made aware of this approaching demise will understand. It has moved more quickly than I had hoped and some of you will be caught off guard regarding this information. I apologize for that but no matter what I said people just didn't seem to believe I was going to die so soon. I have loved every minute of working with each of you and have felt very honored to have known and enjoyed the trust of sharing and growing with you. You have made a difference and children will be safer in the future because of your efforts. Lovingly submitted, Ann Brentwood (865) 607-6119 P.S. There will be a planned celebration of life memorial service and notification will be sent to you in the future. For those who are willing and able, your presence would be appreciated.